Challenge #2: Taking Care

Relay for life is past approaching which means we have been working like crazy with last minute fundraising and organizing and everything going on. For those of you who don’t know, Relay for Life is a 12 hour event dedicated to cancer and fighting the destructive disease that affects so many people. It begins with a survivors lap to celebrate the fight that those individuals have gone through and won. Luminaries will shine in the night, showing those we fight for, and those we fight in memory of. All the money fundraised goes to the Canadian Cancer Society, and every year millions of dollars are raised across Canada.

My mom always told me that no matter who you are, no matter how much money you make or how happy you are, you are nothing without physical health. That taking caring of ourselves and our bodies is important. So let’s look at physical health in another perspective.

We’ve all heard of that baby analogy right? If you haven’t, you’re going to hear it again. Pretend your body is a baby. You have to take care of it, you have to clean it, but you also have to love and treasure it even though you know it is flawed. You would never hurt a baby. You would never tell the baby it is ugly or too fat or too thin. You would never starve your baby, and you would never shove more food in your baby’s mouth than it can consume. You would never neglect the baby of medicine or a doctors visit if it were feeling ill, and you would never simply brush sickness off. You wouldn’t give your baby addictive drugs or alcohol, and you wouldn’t make your baby smoke cigarettes. You would love the baby, because it is the only one you have and the only one you will ever have.
So now think back to your body. Think back to your physical health. What I’m basically trying to say is that it is important to take care of yourself and your body. Don’t abuse yourself, physically or verbally. Don’t beat yourself up over what you can’t change. But learn to look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see. There’s a reason Project Courage did mental health month before physical health. It takes a mentally healthy person to be able to love yourself and your image as well as understanding physical limits.

This week I want you to focus on taking care of yourself. Continue to eat healthy as I know you all have been trying to, but also give yourself enough sleep, water, and exercise.

Here are a few little challenges, one for each upcoming day.

Day 1: Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day. A tip would be to keep a tally of every glass you drink. It has to be water, not juice or pop or coffee or any other beverage. Water.
Day 2: Get 9 hours of sleep. Did you know that you get the most restful sleep when you sleep in 90 minute intervals? Our body is programmed to go through a sleep cycle every 90 minutes where we transition from light to deep sleep and back again. That’s why I said 9 hours instead of the typical 8. I want you to wake up and finish a sleep cycle.
Day 3: Exercise for an hour. We all know that exercise is extremely important, but honestly, most of us feel like we don’t have enough time to exercise. Go on a walk with a friend, go on a bike ride, go swimming, run the treadmill even. Do yoga or even play Wii Fit. Just get moving and get active.
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