Reflection #2: Tips

So Team Courage recently participated in relay for life which was quite an incredible event! Through Zumba, karaoke, and fundraising we had an amazing time throughout the night. Not sleeping that night was probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in a while, but honestly it was too cold to sleep anyway! Haha, I would like to thank all of you for your incredible support. It means so much to all of us, and we couldn’t have done it without knowing our readers were behind us.

Relay for life acted as a reminder that life is extremely fragile, and that physical health is so important to have. Without it, we have nothing really. We need to take care of our health and take care of our bodies because its really the only thing we have carrying us around on this planet.

I am thinking of filling this blog post with a few cheesy inspirational quotes because we all need a few of these every once in a while. I have a whole album on my phone with just motivational and honestly it’s pretty bad. But exams start tomorrow and I think we are all desperately in need of some quick motivation. With exams coming up it was even more important to follow the three little tips to staying physically active. I made sure to get a good sleep every night, and to drink water and eat healthy. Drinking water actually helps your brain better function and make connections. Also… Sleeping allows your brain to solidify everything that you learned and encountered during the day. So getting a good nights rest is important, especially during exam time.

A cool tip for sleep to allow you to get an amazing nigEwajc2eXZr0How to wake up feeling great: The 90 minute rule:
Hannah: The most important challenge for me was the water. I mean, I know how important it is to drink water but I definitely do not drink enough on a daily basis. I like to think of water as a “miracle drug.” Do you ever wake up in the night with huge headaches? I do sometimes and it usually goes away after I drink a glass of water. But in terms of physical health I think that the exercise is the most important. It’s really important to get moving! A little bit of exercise can make your body feel great! Another thing that I think is really good for physical health is to walk. Not even just for exercise purposes. If you can get places with your feet, do it. I walk to my school most every day. I have even been known to walk an hour and a half to get places I need to go in my city. Walking is great. It gets your body in motion and helps you get the fresh air your body needs!

Jeremiah: For me, I know I already exercise frequently and sleep deprivation doesn’t seem to bother me too much, so the water drinking was the most important. I find I often realize at given times in the day that I haven’t been drinking any water and am super parched, so I have to drink like 3-4 cups all at once. Staying hydrated honestly makes me feel more awake and all around healthier. I think its easier to eat food after drinking lots of water too, otherwise your esophagus can get all clogged and that’s no fun at all. Honestly… Eating healthy really makes things better. If you try to cut as much unhealthy food from your diet as you can, you start feeling more awake, alert and all around have more energy and are happier and more satisfied with yourself. It feels so good, the temptation definitely dwindles after the first couple weeks too because it just doesn’t seem as appetizing anymore to eat unhealthy food. Eating healthy takes some discipline but is so so so worth it. I dare y’all to try it.

Kyndra: I know for me personally, the idea of sleep is really important. I’m not the best at making sure that I get the appropriate amount of sleep, so forcing myself too sleep and sleep in a multiple of 90 minutes really made a difference. You feel more energized and prepared for your day. I felt less fatigued and sick as per usual, I even felt less stressed, which for me is a pretty big deal. I think sleep is essential to your physical health as without it you can’t move forward, you can’t make any other progress toward being physically healthy. It is also important that you deal with your emotions in order to have a healthy body. Healthy mind equals a healthy body. If you have a negative mind set it will affect your body and how it feels. So if anything remember that everything is intertwined and aim for balance!

Nathan: To me, drinking the right amount of water daily is super important. I have always tried to drink above and beyond that 8 glasses a day recommendation, probably drinking closer to 12 or so (not to brag or anything). I just feel it’s really important. Simply drinking water can help you be and feel healthier in so many ways. It’s the basis of your life, it really is. You can’t go exercising if you aren’t drinking water to replace it. Eating healthy doesn’t mean much if you’re dehydrated. So yes, drink water. Looking for another health tip? Then have a good laugh. Ever heard the saying “Laughter is the best medicine”? Well, it’s on to something. Laughter has an insane amount of health benefits that you probably didn’t even know could be a health benefit. I wondered why the ball kept getting bigger, then it hit me!


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