Why Go To University (Video)

Why Am I Going To University?: http://youtu.be/9NfgF-UvoeA

So I have recently started a YouTube channel because in about a week I will be entering first year university! Hopefully all of you will continue to read the Simply Smiles blog as well as subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow what university life is like! I will be posting and giving real advice as I experience it myself too! I’m going to use it to document my university experience for not only you and all my viewers but also myself. I can’t wait to look back and see how I’ve changed and grown as a person.

University is a scary time, but so is change in general. Perhaps you’re going into university like me, perhaps you’re starting at a new job, and perhaps you’re going into high school or even moving to a new city. All of these new changes bring about fear, excitement, anxiety, happiness, and confusion. But change is totally a great thing, think about all the amazing experiences that you had just because something changed.


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