About Me

Ahh, so I see you’ve stumbled upon my “About” page. Well I guess as the title suggests, I’ll tell you a little more about me and my blog.

My name is Laura! I am a first year university student pursuing a degree in something… haven’t quite decided yet haha. I have been described as thoughtful, caring, quirky, and bubbly. My interests involve music and the arts. I have an addiction to the Legend of Zelda and chocolate. I am a lifeguard and a swimming instructor and absolutely love my jobs! But I also love writing… I’ve always loved to write; poetry, short stories, you name it. Eventually, I started writing motivational poetry, (some of which you will see on this blog) and people started telling me that they really enjoyed reading it and that it changed their perspective on life. That’s when it hit me, I can use my love of writing to inspire others.

I began this blog two years ago as a way to reach out to teens around me. I wanted to be able to motivate others and to use one of my passions as a way to make everyone smile a little. Then in 2014, I began Project Courage, which was a year long project with monthly challenges and themes to inspire people to bring change into their own lives. Sadly, this project was cut short, but don’t worry, Simply Smiles is back and running once again.

As I kept writing, I encountered more and more mature themes and issues within society and individuals. I just.. wanted to help people, I wanted to take my life philosophies and share them with others. Thus, I created this blog. And you, are the reason this blog continues to thrive. By reading it, you have motivated ME to keep writing because I know that there are people who care and are affected by my words. And that means the world to me.

So thank you reader, and I hope you read my blog regularly. 🙂 I post new entries every Friday.

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