10 Reasons to Keep Fighting


Life is tough. There is not one single person in the world who lives life problem free, myself included. We all have conflicts in our lives that we are working towards solving, for some of us, we may be battling a mental or physical illness. For others, we are struggling with friendships and fitting in. For some, its their job, or lack of one. And for a few, it could be an abusive relationship, parent, or “friend”. Simply speaking, we all have problems, most of us have more than one, and sometimes we feel like we just… have to give up. Sometimes we feel like there’s no point in trying, in fighting that illness, in trying to find a job, in pushing through whatever battle we’re facing. I know, I feel that way too sometimes. So here it goes, 10 reasons to keep fighting.


1. Life never stops giving second chances.



Life is wonderful in that sense. You will always be given another chance. No matter what you have done, who you are, your past, or present, there is always a second chance in the future. There is always an opportunity to fix what you’ve broken, and to start anew. I know you may feel that some mistakes are undo-able, but trust me, you will get a second chance. For example, if you have been in an abusive relationship, it’s not over, there are second chances. You can get in a new relationship and learn from that mistake because life gave you a second chance to do it right.  Even though we have all messed up in life to a certain degree.. and sometimes it may seem like all we have are “failures”, we will never run out of ways to redo ourselves. There will always be another test, another dance competition, another job, another hockey game. We will never run out of second chances.

2. There’s always something wonderful around the corner.


I know that no matter how horrible your life or your problems may seem right now, you will have something amazing right around the corner. I know you might not see it yet, and that you may not think of anything worth being excited for, but you always have something to look forwards to. Whether its hugging your boyfriend or baking cookies, a school dance, a vacation, or just a warm spring morning, there is always something just around the corner. I know you might not be able to see it, but that’s because it’s around the corner. If you were able to see it, that wouldn’t make sense because there’s no way you can see around a corner until you’re right there. 🙂 So think of it this way, remember that you’re just walking down a street, and it may be difficult and tiring for you, but you have a corner up ahead, and guaranteed there’s something incredible around it. You just can’t see it yet. So hold on, and anticipate with renewed excitement the greatness that will follow.

3. You’re never fighting alone.


We all want to be independent and self-reliant, but likewise we have to remember that we are never fighting alone. Keep in mind that no matter what battle you are in right now, you have people who care about you who are right there beside you and will stay fighting alongside you until you win. Think about your parents, your best friends, your girlfriend, your brother. Any one of those individuals would love to help you, all you have to do is let them be your ally, and your support and motivation. Just let others in, share your problems with others, we all have battles of our own, so instead of keeping them to ourselves, why don’t we open up and help one another with them? Would you want your friend to deal with a battle such as depression alone? No, you want to help of course. Even though your problem may not be depression, don’t you think your friends would want to help you as well? Battles are easier with more people. You never have to fight alone.

4. The victory is worth the battle.



I know its tough. Trust me, I know. I know you may feel like giving up sometimes. I know the end may seem so far away, unreachable. But the battle is worth the victory, because I know that once you reach there, that perfect score, that final game of the season, the project you had been working on, the victory will feel even better because you had worked so hard to reach there. You will enjoy the glory of your victory even more because you know how hard you worked for it. You’ll enjoy the feeling of knowing that you almost gave up, almost gave into that voice that said “you’re tired, stop trying, it’s pointless” and pushed through until the end. Now you have your victory and you totally deserved it. Isn’t that rewarding? I know how difficult it can be, but you have to remember that you will be rewarded for your work, your effort, your perseverance. Fight the battle and enjoy the victory. ♥

5. There is always someone who loves you.



We all are loved, we all love, we all will love. Its worth fighting for the people we love, they give us strength, motivation, and endless care. They care deeply about you, and would not want to see you give up. I know you may think that no one would care, but think of that best friend, think of that aunt or uncle, think about that coach, that music teacher that would want you to succeed  Even though they might not directly show it, I know they care. They just don’t know how to show it. No matter how alone you may feel, there will always be someone who cares about you, you are special, and you are loved. Keep fighting for those loved ones, because no matter how big or small your battle might be, they’ll be there, waiting on your homeland. No matter how long or short your race is, they’ll be waiting at the finish line. No matter how important or casual your sports game is, they’ll be waiting in the sidelines. You are loved, don’t you dare think otherwise.

6. There are so many things to love.


Our world is a fascinating and magnificent place. We all love certain things about this world. We all have an appreciation for the beauty of nature and the wonders that surround us. We all have a pet, a favourite restaurant, a favourite brand of coffee, we all have something small that makes life worth living, and that is the same thing that makes us not give up. I know there are times when you feel hopeless, but I know that you are able to see the little things if you tried. You can find something positive about almost everything and every situation that life throws in your way. All challenges make you stronger, all failures are lessons worth learning, all battles have victories, there is always something great around the corner. For instance, most of us love to travel, if you give up, would you give up your chances to travel and see the world? See the beautiful sights that planet Earth has to offer? I think not. Don’t give up, because you could lose something you love in the process. So hold on, and remember that there are so many things to love about our world.

7. Challenges make us stronger.


If you’ve read my “Its Okay To Fail” post you’ll remember that all failures and mistakes can be positive. The same applies to your battles. The challenge that you face right now will make you stronger. Some may appear to make us weaker, but strength can be gathered if we try. As Kelly Clarkson said famously, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. It’s true. For those who oppose this statement, I believe that you may just be afraid, upset, that you don’t want to move on. But if you took a second glance, you’ll realize that everything in life can make you stronger as long as you want it to. Have a positive mindset, and I promise that you’ll have a positive outcome. I know that you’ll come out of this challenge stronger than ever, smarter than ever, more athletic, cunning, optimistic, healthy than ever before. All you have to do is not give up or give into the voices telling you otherwise. Hold on, and keep fighting.

8. This too shall pass.


Like all things in life (and life itself), this too shall pass. What this means is that nothing lasts forever, no pain, no heartbreak, no struggle, no battle lasts forever. You will win as long as you keep fighting, as long as you remember that no matter how tough it may seem right now, that this too shall pass and you’ll be stronger than ever. Your illness will not last forever, your math test will not last forever, your abusive friendship, your heartbreak, your emptiness, your low self-confidence, it won’t last forever. Any battle that you shall fight to the fullest will pass, and you will feel so content and proud of yourself for not giving up. So reason #8 to keep fighting, remember that everything will pass, and that nothing negative lasts forever.

9. Its not worth giving up.


This ties in with all the other reasons I have stated so far, and puts it all extremely simply. Don’t give up, because it’ll all be worth it in the end. Like the stick figure in the picture above, the mountain is dangerous and treacherous and tiring to climb, but the view at the peak is incredible and irreplaceable. You know that you would have regretted it had you given up without reaching the top. Let your challenge be the mountain, and let the end be the peak. It’s hard to remember how amazing the view will be at the top, it’s hard when your back aches and your legs are sore and you are cold and exhausted. It’s hard to remember why that challenge is worth fighting for. But once you reach the top, once you reach the peak of your mountain, you’ll remember why you were given that challenge in the first place. You’ll thank yourself for not giving up, for walking that street to see what was around the corner, for fighting to get that victory, for remember that this too shall pass, and for realizing that you don’t have to fight it alone. It’ll all be worth it in the end, and you’ll thank yourself when you get there.

10. You are an incredible person, with a lot of potential; so believe it.


I must say, I consider you an amazing person already just for reading my blog, and if you are a regular reader or subscriber, you are 10x more awesome than I ever expected! So thank you. You have so much potential, and I know that you may feel like I’m not speaking to you, but it doesn’t matter whether you know me personally or not. I know that to read my blog, you must be a good person, you must have faith in motivation and life’s potential and all the things it has to offer. You might have battles you’re fighting, feelings of giving up and hopelessness and stress and anxiety. But it doesn’t matter, because I know that every single person is born with a remarkable amount of potential. If you feel like you have none, you just haven’t found it yet. And you’ll find it in the most amazing ways, whether it be now, next week, or 17 years from now. You will learn your potential and use it to make life incredible. So don’t give up, keep fighting that battle, because you have potential, I promise. You have the ability to be something amazing (though I trust that you’re amazing already). So don’t give up, please keep reading, and remember, you are special. ❤


My goal for you: consider your personal battles and think of another reason that would make it worth fighting. Write this battle and this reason on your phone or iPod or computer or in a journal, along with the 10 reasons posted here. Write it somewhere you know you’ll look often, so whenever you have a battle that you feel is hopeless, you’ll remind yourself of 11 reasons why you should keep fighting.


10 Reasons the World Is An Okay Place


Our planet Earth… a little ball of rock, metal, and water (as well as some other things) floating in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, we constantly hear all of this negativity towards our planet. There’s pollution everywhere, we have problems with deforestation, there are millions of people starving, without fresh water, or healthcare, and on top of all that, basically everything that could go wrong with our ecosystems is going wrong. So now that I’ve crushed you with pessimism, I’m going to try to change that view, and give you 10 reasons why our planet earth is an okay place.


1) Somehow, this little bundle of rock is perfect for sustaining life.

We have to be grateful for the fact that our Earth can support life, because without life… well.. we wouldn’t be here. If our Earth were any closer or further away from the Sun in its orbit, we would end up like dry rocky Mars, or insanely hot like Venus (with average temperatures of 460 degrees). Somehow, Earth is perfect, and life has been able to evolve through millions of years, and still seems to be going strong. If you don’t agree with anything else I’m about to say, you have to at least agree with this one!

2) We have a large variety of life.

Our planet is home to millions and millions of different species, all with their own niche in the natural ecosystems. Honestly, we should be thankful for all the species that exist. And its true that many species are going extinct, but that’s natural selection. Species naturally go extinct and others evolve, that’s just how life works. There are so many incredible animals and plants out there, and we should be grateful about the uniqueness of every one of them.

3) Feminism

Gender equality has been a continuing battle, and so far, a winning battle. We are beginning to truly treat both genders as equal, giving equal political and social power and status. This is not only giving women more power in modern society, but also proof that our world is becoming more accepting, selfless, and considerate, and that we are more concerned about equality within society. There is still much to improve on, but we have come really far. To all the girls out there, be thankful!

4) There are huge advancements in “green” technology.

We are caring more about the environment and our impact towards it. We are caring more about future generations and the world that our grandchildren will live in. Green technology is being developed all over the world and the industry is steadily booming. Not only does this lessen our environmental impact, it also means that we are becoming more selfless and considerate of our future. I am honestly so happy for all the technology that is becoming more environmentally sustainable.

5) Its Good Looking

There is so much natural beauty on our planet that I can’t help but rant a little about it. We have amazing mountain landscapes, waterfalls, ocean views, and fields of flowers. We have incredible rain-forests and desert landscapes. Not only that, we have the remarkable blue sky and white clouds, which is beautiful on its own. Who doesn’t love to see bright sunshine? Our world is filled with so many beautiful sights that its absolutely essential for us to enjoy as much as we can.

6) Culture

We have so many different cultures in our world. Every culture has its own traditions, food, clothing styles, and language. Each is so unique and fascinating to learn about. I love learning about other ethnicities and how they differ from mine, and I am appreciative of how much cultural diversity exists in our world. If different cultures continue to thrive, the world will continue to be an okay place. For example, the Masai tribe in Africa are known as ruthless hunters and treasure cattle farming. They use brilliantly coloured body paint and clothing. The Padaung tribe has the tradition of neck rings, placing a brass ring on the neck starting the age of five. The more rings are added, the more respected a woman is. Finally, there’s the Mursi people who insert clay lip plates into their bottom lips as a sign of beauty. All of these cultures are so fascinating to learn about!

7) Rising Racial Equality

Continuing with the idea of culture, I am grateful for the rising racial equality. We are gaining a larger appreciation of cultural and racial differences and learning that uniqueness is a positive trait. Everyone deserves to be treated equally, no matter of skin colour, and I’m glad that racial equality is growing. As a visible minority in a general Caucasian society, I feel the racial pressure frequently but I’m thankful for the fact that the majority of people ignore racial differences and treat everyone the same. I think this a sign that our world is slowly getting better.

8) Love

The world is an okay place because we have love. We give and receive love from so many people on a daily basis, we not only have the ability to love, but we find ways to show our love. Isn’t it a great feeling to know you are loved? No matter who you are, or what you do, you are loved. If you love others and open yourself to that emotion, trust that you will be loved in return. Love makes us do crazy things, it could even turn us all into caring, understanding, and happy people. What an emotion to be grateful for. 🙂

9) Music

I have not yet met a single person who dislikes music. Music has a great impact on human emotion, and we all have a particular genre of music we love. Whether it’s pop, heavy metal, country, or big band jazz, we all love music. Music gives us a way to express emotion and can drastically improve our mood. Music is beautiful, and creating music is an art-form that many enjoy. The warming chords of a string quartet or the lyrics to the chorus of your favourite song are amazing. Music changes us, its indescribable how it affects each and every one of us. But it affects us all, and we should be grateful for so much music in our lives.

10) You are a part of it.

If you hadn’t already realized, you are a part of this world, and an important one if I do say so myself. The world is okay as long as YOU are here. It may not feel like you have a big impact, but think about how many people you pass by on a daily basis. You change every persons life just by being here. I know you have so much potential, and I know that you will make the world better in some way. I have faith that this world will be okay, and that you’ll help me make it better. Just by reading my blog, you’re already making my world ten times better. So thanks. And remember, the world is an okay place. 🙂



My goal for you: comment below about something else that makes our world a great place to live in. I’m confident that you can think of something, no matter how small. Just comment something that makes this world worth living in. Perhaps its a brand of coffee you love, maybe its friendship or a certain person, whatever it is, comment because I would love to hear it. 🙂