From the Jeremiah: Dear Reader


So why are we doing this. Why are we five teenage kids who, instead of just going to parties and doing “teenage” stuff, are writing blogs and coming up with and completing challenges for ourselves and you guys to do? Well, lots of teenagers go to parties. But there are lots of other teenagers who may not be invited to those parties because of ridiculously arbitrary reasons. Teenagers who feel like they’re not worth going to parties, that theres something wrong with them. They may not even be teenagers, and it may not be a party, but too many people spend the little time they have on this earth thinking that they are not worth it. And that is why we are here and doing this.

Its not that we’re doing this to deserve recognition, it’s that we’re doing this because each and every one of you deserves to recognize that you each have something unique and beautiful to offer the world, and it wont be enough until every person realizes that.

This year is a year for people to realize themselves more clearly than they ever have before. It’s a year for you to take a step back and realize your aspirations, goals, achievements, and what makes you tick. What makes you get out of bed every morning and realize that you are being the best you that you can be.

This is Project Courage. And I would like to thank each and every one of you who have read this far for taking part in this and really committing to a decision that will honestly change your self-perception for the better. Because if you’re going through crap right now that nobody can understand, trust me, we understand that feeling. Though we may not know your current situation or how hard things are for you, we can relate to the feeling that nobody cares. We’re here to let you know that people do care, and not just us who are writing the blog, but thousands of our viewers relate and sympathize with you as well.

Friend, you are not alone. Those of us who run the blog have many individual traits different from one another. We range from the social butterfly to the football player, taking part in students council and sometimes just staying at home all day going on Tumblr or playing solitaire. We each have our own dreams, fears, aspirations and belief systems, but what brings us together as a strong group of friends this year is our love for this project, and our desire to help all those following it.

So, reader I may never get to know personally, I would like to thank you. Thank you for being the reason why this project has the importance it does, and though we may never meet face to face, just envision me giving you a big hug (or a handshake if you’re not a hugger, no judgment) and welcoming you into the Project Courage team. Because whoever you are, whether you’ve been told you’re worthless or worth it all, know you belong here. That there is nothing you can do to take away your worth as a person. That you may make mistakes, and they may feel like mistakes that no one else would be stupid enough to make, but know that that attribute is what makes you human. That mistakes are there to live and learn by, with every wrong turn you simply learn a new direction not to take.

This road isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be lonely either.. This is probably the cheesiest thing ever to come out of my fingertips, and lots of it may seem cliché, but the truth isn’t original. Which is why it’s the truth. That was profound. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you realize that each and every line of it applies to you. Except for the line about this being cheesy, that one was for me. I’m very bad at goodbyes. Goodbye.